Unless otherwise indicated in the main body of text, all photographs are either the work of my father, Mr. Michael Drew or myself.

We are, however, indebted to a myriad of folks for allowing us to freely reproduce texts and images. The work of these individuals is appropriately acknowledged in the text and also listed below. The many photographs which have been obtained under the Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike License ( are marked thus:  This license renders any work subject to the license’s conditions.

I should like to thank all those who donated their time, text and photos to this project. Without them the index would be even more incomplete. Special thanks are due to the Scottish Covenanter Memorials Association whose quarterly magazine has provided a large proportion of the information recorded here and to the individual members of this Association who have freely allowed their material to be reproduced. Some members are sadly no longer with us, but their work is appreciated nonetheless.

I should also like to thank Walter Baxter who, when presented with a list of sites, made it his own personal mission to seek out and photograph them on our behalf. To all my flickr and geograph contacts I extend a huge thank you for your images, for freely granting permission to use photographs, and for your many goodwill messages wishing us success in the project.

We should like to especially thank those who, upon request, either sent photos they already had, or went specifically to take photographs of a designated site. These include: Chris Newman (Ardoch), David Johnston (Auchinbay), Pat McLeod (John Welsh Statue, Ayr), Jim Deans (Barncaughla and Glenour), Archie Milne (Brechin Cathedral plaque), Kirkconnel Parish Heritage Society (Blackgannoch), John Robertson (Chirnside), Jane Ingall (Corsock Castle), Joy Creighton (East Kilbride), Robin Barr (Fa’side House), Dick Warren (Gateshaw Brae), John Sinclair (Glenlogan), Mike J. Richardson (Harbour Craig and Woolmet), Margaret Jeary (Haughhead), Fiona Armstrong (High Waterhead), John McCormick (Kirkpatrick Durham), Rev. Andrew Randell (Larbert), Thomas Nugent (Larkfield), John McWhirter & Co (Linfairn), Ian Shiell (Longformacus),

James Brown (Jerviswood and Patrickholm), Andy Wallace (Shalloch on Minnoch and Altry Hill),

Colin Campbell (Spango Valley), Ian Edward Brownlee (Torfoot), Airdrie Library (Airdrie Covenanter Banner), Mary and Angus Hogg (Benan’s Cave).

Thanks are also due to those who manage websites and granted permission to use photographs contained therein. Also to many local history librarians and general library assistants who took time out to answer our enquiries.

On many Covenanting trips we came across generosity in myriad forms: numerous cups of tea in farmhouses, a lift to a memorial on the back of a trail bike, time out to show us round farms . . .

Such acts of generosity, as well as the genuine interest shown by the many individuals we came across on our travels, have served to enhance the enjoyment derived from this project.

Thanks to Stephen Elwell-Sutton for printing a copy of this work.


AIRDRIE LIBRARY - Airdrie - Airdrie Covenanter Banner

ALLAN, James - Balcarres, Blair, Culteuchar Hill, Fortissat, Kinnaird House, Meikle Whitefield -  

ALLEN, Kenneth - Elgin -

ALLISON, Paul - Marston Moor -

ANDERSON, Bill - Coilsholm Wood -

ANTROBUS, Darrin - Kirkpatrick, Lochenkit Farm, Peden Burn, Willie’s Well -

ARMSTRONG, Fiona - High Waterhead and Steele plaque

ARTHUR - Grey Mare’s Tail -

BAIN, Jim - Moonzie -

BAINBRIDGE, Rob, Peden’s Isle -

BAIRD, David - Gargrie, Kiltersan, Stewarton Farm -

BAIRD INSTITUTE, Cumnock - John Brown’s milk-bowl, Covenanting banner -

     Baird Institute -

BARR, Robin - Fa’side House

BARRIE, Leslie - Dranigower, Holm of Daltallochan, Kirkmabreck, Largerie, Littlemark, Martyrs’

     Moss -

BAXTER, Walter - Allan Bank, Auchenskeoch, Barnhills, Bassendean, Birkhill Pass, Blackadder

     Water, Cargenbridge, Carnwath - Denham memorial; Couper and Crichton memorial; Carnwath

     Moss, Cavers Church & Tower, Earlside, Fell, Irongray - Hallhill, Lilliesleaf Moor, Lochurr,

     Loudoun Hill Farm, grave of Nichol Cochrane, Melrose, Monybuie, Nenthorn, Nisbet, Peden

    farmland/Peden Stone and Reservoir/Peden’s Cleuch, Peden’s View, Preacher’s Stone, Redmire

    Loch, Riskinhope, Roan Fell, Roberton, Standhill, Torwoodlee Tower

BELL, James - Barmagachan, Bartaggart, Carsenaw, Crofts, Glengap, Ernfillan, Grange, Roberton    


BILLINGER, Jonathan - Crawick Water -

BLEAKLEY, Matt - Dolphinton - church and plaque, Longforgan - Andrew Smith’s grave

BOND, Peter, W. - Castle Kennedy -

BRENNAN, John - Barholm Castle -

BROWN, Gordon - Auchans, Corra Castle, Crookedstone, Distinkhorn, Dunton Cove, Kitty Muir,

     Little Cairn Table, Meikleglen, Muirkirk - River Ayr -

BROWN, James, B. - Craignethan, Dalserf - McMillan memorial, Fortissat sign, Hamilton -

     Covenanter Memorial, Jerviswood, Patrickholm -

BROWNLEE, Ian, Edward - Torfoot -

BURGESS, Anne - Forfar, Turriff, Urquhart  -

CALDER, Dannie - Culzean Castle -

CAMPBELL, Colin, J. - Spango Valley -

CAMPBELL, Douglas (late) - Bonshaw Tower, Glengeith

CARLTON, Adam - Dryburgh House -

CATTERALL, Phil - Overlaw Farm Sign -

CHAPMAN, D. W. D. - Timpen Hill -


CHOWN, Alan - Battle of Dunbar -

COLLIER, Rod, Cargenbridge -

COLLIN, David, R. - Carline’s Co’ -

COOK, Ann - Craigengillan, Kenmuir, Lambdoughty Glen -

COOK, Gareth - The ‘Boot’, Warwick Castle -

COURT, Chris - Muirdykes, Shutterflat -

CRAIG, William (late) -

CREIGHTON, Joy - East Kilbride - Priestknowe Roundabout memorial, Safeways mural, Parish

     Church -

CUNNINGHAM, Alexander - Ale Water, Minto Crags -

CUNNINGHAM, Gordon - Peden’s Point

DALRYMPLE, Peter - Cordorcan -

DAVIDSON, Matthew - Aberdeen - Crabstane -

DEANS, Jim - Barncaughla, Glenour, Peden’s Mount -

DENHAM, James - Ancrum - Old Parish Church, Bewlie, Dalserf Parish Church, East Barns,

     Dunbar, Haddington - John Knox Institute, Inveresk, Oldhamstocks-

DENOON, Charles - Duns - Drumclog Bell -

DICKSON, Fiona - Waterhead

DIMPLE, Dolly - Ayr - William Adair statue -

DIXON, David, Leith -

DIXON, Oliver - Camregan, Cavens, Craignell, Marscalloch Moss- Kendoon Loch,

     Nick of the Balloch, Stranraer Castle -

DOUGLAS, Stevie - Caldwell Tower -

DOWDS, Eddie - Eastwood -

DOWNER, Chris - Glasgow - John Knox Memorial -


EDGAR, David - Prestwick - St. Nicholas church and sign -

FARMER, Paul - Dumbarton Castle -

FARRINGTON, Andy - Baldoon Castle, Calgow, Dumfries - Tolbooth, Gillespie, Inch -

FERGUSSON, Dave - Freuchie, Killiecrankie -

FERRIS, Derek - Arnbeg -

FISK, Iain - Padon Hill Cairn -

FORBES, Dave - Campsie Fells -

FORREST, Bob - Barglachan, Garfield, Merkland - -

FRAY, Pam - Girvan -

FROST, Rog - Walston -

GERMANSKY, Mitch - Ancrum - Plaque at old manse -

GILLAN, Christopher - Garmouth -

GOODWIN, Paul - Carsphairn - Waterhead grave & John Semple plaque -;;

GRAY, H. P. - Cessnock Castle, Craigie Hill, Dunlop, Lanfine -

GREIG, Iain - Shambellie -

GREWE, Armin - Portpatrick -

GRIFFITH - Roger - Cleeves Cove

GRUAR, David - Inverness -

GUNNS, Chris - Cowhatehead, Edinburgh -

HAKE, J. J. - St. Andrews, Castle -

HALL, Alan - Deerness - Mull Head rocks -

HALLING, Phillip - Cassencarrie -

HAMILTON, David - Lanark - Kirkfieldbank Brae, Lanark Racecourse -

HAWGOOD, David - Eden Castle, King Edward -

HAWKINS, Andy - St. Andrews, St. Salvator’s -

HENDERSON, Eileen - Wintercleuch -

HENDERSON, Lesley - Carnwath, Lanark - William Hervi’s grave -

HOGG, Mary and Angus - Benan’s Cave, Drumellan, Glenour, Kilkerran, Knockgray -

IGLEHART, Ed - Dundrennan, Orchardton Tower -

INGALL, Jane - postcard of Corsock House, sketch of Neilson shield

JAMIESON, Bob - Dobb’s Linn -

JEARY, Margaret - Haughhead -

JENKINS, Harry (late) - Culrain -

JOHNSTON, David - Auchinbay, Blairquhan Mill, Glenalla Fell -

JOHNSTON, John - Marston Moor Plaque -

JOLLY, Andrew - Bargaly -

KANIA, Robert - Stroanpatrick -

KENNEDY, Stephen - Dalhanna -


KENT, Steve - Mellerstain House -

KINNEAR, Colin - Craigencallie, Overlaw Farm -

KIRK, Madeleine - Borgue -

KIRKCONNEL PARISH HERITAGE SOCIETY - Blackgannoch - Friarminnan sign,

     Friarminnan - Peden’s Stone

LAIRD, G. - West Lomond -

LAMB, Rev. A. Douglas - Dalry - Robert Ker plaque, Kersland

LANYON, George - Gargunnock -

LAWSON, John - Westerhall -

LEASK, Ronnie - Brodie -

LESAGE, Pierre - Blackness Castle -

LIVERPOOL BOYS, The - Kildonan House -

LVINGSTONE, Alex - Darleith

LORD, John - Kirkmahoe -

MACRAE, Paul - Hamilton - Old Parish Church -

MCDONALD, Colin - Ardwell, Knockdhu -

MCDOWALL, Bruce - Bishop Hill -

MCCORMICK, John - Kirkpatrick Durham - Semple plaque

MCGUIRE, Sarah - Inverness -

MCKIE, Mark - Bardrochwood, Derry Farm, Garlies, Glenshalloch, Lamachan, McWhann’s Stone,

     Palgowan -

MCLAUGHLAN, Rickie - Torwood -

MCLEOD, Pat - Ayr - John Welsh Statue -

MCSWEEN, Donald - Evanton, Kiltearn - Kiltearn Church and Thomas Hog’s grave and memorial   


McWHIRTER, John & Co. - Linfairn Farm

M22RDY - Mauldslie Mains -

MALLARD, Kenneth - Picketlaw, Polnoon Mill-

MENZIES, Derek - Little Genoch, Moniaive - George Hotel, Tonnachrae -

MIDDLEMASS, Lesley - Acreknowe -

MILLAR, W. F. - Gallow Law, High Walton -

MILNE, Archie - Brechin Cathedral - William Guthrie plaque

MONAGAHAN, Vernon - Rowallan Castle -

MONNIAUX, David - Thumbscrews -

MOXON, Mark - Padon Hill -

MRSLIPPERY, - Corra Castle sign

MURPHY, Mark - Hawick - plaque on Drumlanrig Tower -

MUSEUM OF EDINBURGH - Edinburgh - Hugh McKail’s Bible -

NELSON, Euan -  Blair Castle -

NEWMAN, Chris - Ardoch, Balgreddan, Bargatton, Barmark, Culnaightrie, Dullarg, Fairgirth,

     Kirroughtree, Rascarrel, Tonderghie, Tongland, Torrorie, Whiteside -

NUGENT, Thomas - Ferret of Keith Moor, Greenock, Larkfield - Covenanters’ Well, Renfrew -   

OKONSKI, Raymond - Closs -

O’NEIL, Anthony - Cairnharrow, Minnigaff Parish Church and River Cree -

OLDENBUCK, Jonathan - Blairquhan Castle, Edinburgh Castle -

OSBORNE, Brian, D. (late) - Balmaghie -

PATERSON, Joanna - Dalquhairn -

PAXMAN, Richard - Fourmerkland -

PEACE, Bob - Auchenhessnane, Holy Linn, Kirriemore, Marscalloch, Stroangassel -

PEGMAN, Chris - Auldearn - Battle of Auldearn-

PENNINGTON, Mike - Dunbar -,

PITKETHLEY, Alan - Patrickholm -

PRENTICE, Rab - Hieton - Cadzow Bridge

PURCHASE, David - Cessford Castle -

PYLE, Colin - Melrose Abbey -

QUINN, Mike - Durham -

RAE, Kevin - Airth, Larbert Old Parish Church, Mid Calder, Thirlestane Castle,Lauder, West

     Linton -

RANDALL, Rev. Andrew - Larbert - Robert Bruce’s gravestones and memorial plaque -

REFORMED PRESBYTERIAN MISSIONS - Airdrie - Airdrie Reformed Presbyterian Church,

     Cumnock - Dun & Paterson’s new stone, Edinburgh - Martyrs’ Tomb, Greyfriars Grave marker,

     National Covenant, Stained Glass windows, John Knox’s grave - 

RICHARDSON, Mike, J. - Abercorn, Carstramon, Harbour Craig, Leith, Old Pentland -

     graveyard and sign, Talla Linn, Woolmet -

RIG, Lairich - Paisley - The Gallow Green -

ROBISON, W. - Mearns Castle, Newmilns -

ROY, David (late) - Carluke - renewed Peter Kidd stone, Douglas - Sun Inn, John Willison

     Memorial, Starryshaw, 1925 and 1956 memorials, East Kilbride - Priestknowe Roundabout


RUSSELL, Iain - Dungavel -

SCOTT, Mary - Falkland Palace -

SCOTTISH COVENANTER MEMORIALS ASSOCIATION - Dolphinton, - plaque to Major Joseph Learmont

SEAGROATT, Alastair - Pulpit Law -

SEARLE, Mike - Ardclach -

SEWELL, Morley - Penicuik -

SHARP, Liz - Dalzell - Covenanter’s Oak -

SHIELL, Iain - Carswadda, Longformacus House -

SINCLAIR, John - Glenlogan - Peden’s Tree

SMILLIE, Jim - Livingston, Shotts -

SMITH, Colin - Brechin Cathedral, Kirkcudbright - McLellan’s Castle -

MURRAY, Robert - Garrel Glen, St. Ninian’s -

STEELE, Stephen - Glenwharry -

STRUTHERS, Robert – Hill of Beath -

STRUTT & PARKER - Meikle Auchengibbert

SUTHERLAND, Fraser - Dean Castle

SWEENEY, Stephen - Glasgow - Castle St., Langside -


THOMAS, J. - Inverlochy Castle -

THOMPSON, Iain - Birkhill, Cambuslang, Earnockmuir, Millhouse Glen, Lochgoin – Monument,

     Park, Stonebyres, Tanhill,

THOMPSON, K. - Rutherglen -

THOMPSON, Mark - Ayr - John Welsh plaque, Barrhill, Bello Path, Moffat - Black Bull Hotel,

     Muirkirk - new cemetery -

TRAYNOR, Kim - Newhaven, Torphichen -

VANDER STEEN, Roger - Borthwick -

VANNET, Val - Perth -

VERNON, Karen - North Esk -

WALLACE, Andy - Altry Hill, Shalloch on Minnoch -

WARREN, Dick - Gateshaw Brae -

WATSON, Robert - Stair -

WAUGH, Richard - Glencorse -

WEBB, Richard - Blackcastle Hill, Braid Hills, East Calder, Coulter, Crooked Bank, Galashiels,

     Darnhunch, Dunsyre, Gladsmuir, Glenholm Common, Greencleuch, Kirkliston, Leven Seat,

     Torphichen, Whitekirk, Wolfcleuchhead -

WEIR, Tom (late) - Crichope Linn

WHELAN, John - Jordanlaw -

WILLIAM - Perth -

WILLIAMS, Craig - Forres -

WILLIAMS, Phillip - Inverlochy - Battle of Inverlochy -

WILLIS, Trevor - Donald’s Cleuch -

WILSON, Josef - Burntisland -

WIMBUSH, Chris - Auchensaugh Hill, Boreland Hill, Glenquhary, Kilsyth - Banton Loch,

     Kirkconnel, Mannoch Hill, Muirkirk - Long Stone of Convention -

WOOD, Andrew - North Esk -

WOODWARD, Steve - Eaglesham - - Rockhall - Airds Moss


AITKEN, Thelma - Lanark -Donald Cargill’s prophecy

BARTHOLOMEW, Rev. David - Auchencloy, Balmaclellan - Rededication of Old Mortality

     Statues; Marscalloch Moss - The Covenanters of Deughside

BLEAKLEY, Matt - Mid Windshields - The Windshields Memorial

BOLTON, Helen - Marscalloch Moss - The Deughside Covenanters/The 2009 Conventicle BRODIE, E. M. - Polwarth - The Plight of Polwarth Church

BROWN, John, B. - Sanquhar - A Poet of the Covenanters

BRYCE, David - St. John’s Town of Dalry - Dunigan’s Day

BUCHAN, Rev. John - Tweedsmuir - A Martyr’s Grave

CLOSE, Rob - Deerness Covenanter Memorial

CRACKNELL, Linda - Biggar - Greenhill Covenanters’Museum, Biggar -

CRAWFORD, W. H. R., His Hon. - Introduction - The Early History of the Covenanters

CROCKET, John - Preacher’s Stone - The Preacher’s Stone

DOUGHERTY, Hugh - Lochgoin - An Open Door at Lochgoin

FAULDS, Norman, L. - Newmilns - The Book that Scotland Lost

FOWLER, Richard - Douglas - Cameronian Sunday

HOPE, Anthony - Tweedsmuir - Tweedsmuir and the Covenanters

LAMB, Rev. A. Douglas - Douglas - A Covenanting Village; Peden’s Point - Peden’s Point

LOVE, Dane - Introduction - In Old Mortality’s Footsteps; Colmonell - Covenanters of Colmonell;

     Dunnottar - The Whig’s Vault; Pennyvenie - John Paterson of Pennyvenie; Polwarth - Grisell

     Hume’s Midnight Tryst; Tinwald - John Corbet of Tinwald

LYNN LAYMAN, Loretta - Craigmoddie - Alexander Linn of Derry Farm - House of Lynn

MACPHERSON, Euan - St. Andrews - George Wishart - Martyr or Traitor?, Tibbermore - The Highland Charge

MCFADZEAN, Dave - Lag - The Legends of Lag -

MORROW, Bob (late) - Dunnottar - The Prisoners of Dunnottar Castle; Kilsyth - The Grave Rubbers

MUDD, Mrs. Ray - Dalgarnock - The Nithsdale Martyrs

NIVEN, Bill - East Kilbride - The Covenanters of East Kilbride; Hamilton - Hamilton Conventicle

     Millhouse Glen - The Millenium Conventicle, Millhouse Glen/The Millenium Conventicle

PARKER, Derek - Caldwell Tower; Eaglesham - The Eaglesham Martyrs; Lochgoin -                  

     John Howie’s Memorial; Paisley - Paisley’s Martyrs’ Memorial; Spango Valley - Greenock and

     Prophet Peden

REARDON, John - Dalserf - The Dalserf Conventicle, Dalserf Parish - A Covenanting Symbol,   

     Dalserf; Glassford - Glassford

ROBINSON, George - Edinburgh - The Three Estates

ROY, David - Carluke - The Peter Kidd Memorial; Edinburgh - Tragedy at Greyfriars; Starryshaw

     - Vandalism at Starryshaw

SIMPSON, Roddy - Deerness - Memorial to Tragedy

SCOTT, George (late) - Corsegellioch - Corsegellioch Revisited; Cumnock - Dun & Paterson’s

     Memorial, Cumnock; Dumfries - St. Michael’s Kirk, Dumfries, Covenanter Service; Lochenkit –

     A 1905 conventicle at Larghill Moor; Muirkirk - The Glenbuck Plaque; Prestwick - Two

    Covenanting Ministers of Prestwick

TENNANT, Charles - Bass Rock - Bass John

WEIR, Tom (late) - Crichope Linn - A Canyon and Kirkcudbright

WYLLIE, Dr. Hugh, R. - Hamilton - Sermon at Hamilton

Thanks are also due to Dumfries and Galloway Arts and Museums Service, Dumfries and Galloway Council for permission to extract material from the publications Covenanting Sites in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright by David Devereux (1995) and Monuments and Moorlands – some walks in the Galloway Hills, by Peter Starling (1993).

The author is grateful to the Scottish Covenanter Memorials Association for permission to reproduce extracts from their newsletters.