The explanation and purpose of the title of this work, is that we may look beyond the memorials; even beyond the men and women that they honour, to the power and grace of God in the lives of the Scottish Covenanters, enabling them to be faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ, even unto death.

This record is the result of much interest in the Covenanters; of reading; and over many years, a lot of travelling. I have visited many of the sites photographed in the book – most with my wife, Joyce and friend Jack Dodds. The furthest north is Deerness on the Orkney Isles, the furthest south is Whithorn in Dumfries and Galloway.

I am aware that this is by no means complete. But if I am spared in health, we hope to visit other graves before I join those blessed saints in glory. I am also aware that there could be errors in facts and locations; this is but a poor man’s efforts, I hope you will forgive me. My heartfelt thanks to Joyce and Jack, my companions in my travels and all who have helped to make this little work possible. An index to the photographs follows some notes and references.

Mike Drew          July 2015